I'm Dina Coletti, a student at the University of Florida pursuing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Digital Arts and Sciences. I'm interested in digital art, design, and animation. 
I'm a Certified Associate in Adobe programs, including Photoshop, Illustrator, & Dreamweaver. I have professional, educational, and personal experience in Premiere Pro, After Effects, InDesign, Clip Studio Paint, Toon Boom Harmony, Maya, & Unity.

Animation has played a significant role in my life growing up, giving me optimism and perseverance during the darkest parts of my life. I discovered that I had this passion for animation and digital media and a love for creating and producing my own artwork. 
My passion for digital arts and animation stems from the messages I want to share with the world. Life lessons, stories, love, and change all drive my passion for digital arts and animation. I want to help those that were once like me, struggling to find their place, discover their passion. With the magic of digital arts and animation, I plan to change the lives of others, just as it changed mine.

Questions? Commissions? Wanna know my favorite movie? Send me a message over at Contact!
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